At Idaho Family Dental Center, we take great pride in the fact that we have transformed the teeth and gums of so many people, and the feeling is truly priceless - it’s what motivates us to do what we do. It is incredibly rewarding to know that we have made a positive impact on our patients' lives, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. We are grateful for the trust that our patients place in us and we take that responsibility seriously.
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Before & After

Tiffany's Smile Makeover

"“Before I went to see Dr. Jordan I was in constant pain and discomfort not to mention extremely self conscious. I would avoid smiling at all costs and to say I was nervous to go through with getting dentures is an understatement but Dr. Jordan walked along side me every step of the way. Now I can’t help but smile and I get compliments almost everyday! Dr. Jordan has given me back my confidence and changed my life!”

Patient Smile

Anne after her dental treatment
Jacki after her dental treatment
Tamara after her dental treatment
Anne after her dental treatmentAnne before her dental treatment

Anne's Smile Makeover

Ten years ago, Anne came to Dr Zingerman because she wanted to "bring back her smile." Anne was unhappy with how her teeth looked and had lost confidence because of how she felt others perceived her at work or home. She told Dr Zingerman that she never smiled anymore and wanted that to change.

Dr Zingerman enjoyed spending time with Anne, discussing her hopes for her new smile, bringing back not only the esthetics but also the function of what she had years ago. After a comprehensive exam and treatment planning consultation, Anne was very excited to move forward with a plan that would best suit her wants and needs. She now smiles with complete confidence and wishes she had known Dr Zingerman years before the meeting so he could help her recapture the smile she loves now!

"Dr Zingerman is the most gentle and calming dentist I have ever known. I have a lot of anxiety from years spent with dentists who created fear or a sense of guilt about my teeth, but he truly has changed my dental story, and I now look forward to going to my dentist. I can't say enough great things about the way he cares for me and all of his patients!"
Jackie after her dental treatmentJacki before her dental treatment

Jacki's Smile Makeover

Jacki arrived to her first appointment with Dr. Zingerman with a clear goal in mind. Jacki said she was tired of her partials and missing teeth and would like to have something permanent that she could chew with, smile with, and make her feel whole again.

Dr. Zingerman got right to work, taking time to discuss what Jacki all of the treatment options we could offer to accomplish her goals. Jacki selected a highly esthetic dental bridge that would be a great permanent solution to replace multiple missing teeth while also looking natural and restoring strength. The transformation of her smile is stunning and her smile now lights up any room that she walks into!

"My time with Dr Zingerman has been amazing! He treated me with exceptional care, and my teeth have never looked better. I am very grateful for all the care he has given me and now look forward to sharing my smile with the world again!"
Tamara after her dental treatmentTamara before her dental treatment

Tamara's Smile Makeover

Tamara was one of Dr. Zingerman's first dental patients andshe holds a special place in his heart due to the amazing transformation of her smile that he was honor to see and be a part of first hand. Tamara came to Dr. Zingerman with many mismatched composite restorations on her front teeth that she said looked like a calico cat. She wanted to have a brand new smile and entrusted Dr. Zingerman to be the one to help her with the smile design and makeover process.

Dr. Zingerman and Tamara discussed all treatment options, and together decided to move forward initially with orthodontic treatment to help move Tamara's teeth into the proper position for optimal esthetics and fiction of her new smile. After Tamara completed orthodontic treatment, Dr. Zingerman worked with the dental lab to construct an esthetic model to show Tamara what was possible for her new smile. This was very helpful for discussing together what shape, size, and shade Tamara was most happy with for her teeth. Each patient is unique in what they value and like most, and Dr. Zingerman enjoys taking the time with his patients to discuss and understand what they want for their new smile. Tamara made helped select what she liked most and helped Dr. Zingerman in shaping her final transformation. She chose highly esthetic porcelain veneers for eight of her upper anterior teeth and esthetic composite bonding for eight of her lower anterior teeth. This gave her a bright and sparkling new smile that was a night and day difference from where she began. On her final day of smile transformation, when Tamara saw her new smile in the mirror for the first time, tears of joy filled her eyes and she gave Dr. Zingerman the biggest hug to say thank you for the amazing gift of a brand new smile.

"My journey from where my smile was to where it is today was well worth it. I told Dr Zingerman that now, every day, my husband always asks me before I go to work and first thing when I come home if he can see my smile again. What an amazing gift! Thank you so much Dr Zingerman!"

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